JavaScript Boolean

Booleans are primitive data types in JavaScript that can be either true or false.

The JavaScript Boolean object can also be created with the Boolean() constructor.


Boolean bool = new Boolean (value);  

Lets take an example

console.log(5 === '5'); //false
console.log(6 == '6');  //true

Boolean Methods

toString()Boolean to string conversion

let bool = false;
let val = bool.toString(); 
console.log(typeof val)  //string
valueOf()Provides the boolean primitive value

let bool = true;

// convert to string
let val = bool.valueOf();

console.log(bool); //true
console.log(typeof val); //boolean

Boolean Objects

You may also use the new keyword to construct a boolean value.

const x = true;

// creating a boolean object
const y = new Boolean(false);

console.log(x); // true
console.log(y); // false

console.log(typeof x); // "boolean"
console.log(typeof y); // "object"