What is react native

React native is an open source framework for building amazing mobile experiences using React, Facebooks library for building composable user interfaces. React Native is a JavaScript framework that allows coders to create native apps for multiple platforms. It is based on React which makes use of the component design pattern. While some developers choose to use native development technologies such as iOS Swift and Android Java, others would rather build one app for multiple platforms using a single technology. React native does exactly that. It uses the same developer skills as regular react which makes it easier for developers to create apps for both from scratch.

React-native was released in March 2015 with a mission to make it possible to reuse code shared between iOS and Android applications. Since then, it has grown tremendously with a vibrant development community, over 1600 contributors and more than 500 open source modules on npm linked in the react-native-community organization. Several companies have adopted React Native as part of their technology stack: Airbnb, Facebook, Tesla, Uber etc. Today you can build an application for iOS and Android using only JavaScript.

Its architecture is JavaScript, it uses the virtual DOM, which makes the react native app run very fast and smooth. React Native also uses less code than iOS or Android, reduces developers workload and provides reasonable performance. React Native is a combination of three technologies: React: A JavaScript library for creating user interfaces.